REPAIRS   2012

On March 21, 1902, leo tolstoy wrote in his diary: «...the third (nietzsche) argues that whatever in human
nature resists evil is the result of the faults of education, a mistake. I do not know where to go further».
this statement became the starting point for the creation of the installation.K. S.
Renovation is a continuous process of rethinking history in general and one’s own life in particular. constant
spiritual quest is an inherent part of meaningful human existence, of his/her striving to question everything.
perhaps, this conflict between tolstoy and nietzsche is a way out of this contradiction.
the noise of the forest, its constant movement full of inner unknown and irrational force – it is all the energy
of the very tree of life, forever green and not dependent on us. there is no context, no influence of culture,
no system of coordinates and no understatement.

lubov Gavriliuk