QUEST   2016

The “Quest” project was being implemented between June and October, 2016 within the framework of the Public Art Festival “Art Island”.

The cornerstone of the project is revealed in the utterance “an escape into the private does not save you from cataclysms”*. It has been divided into separate words that were further embedded into road signs (the road signs were produced at the “Road Signs Factory” in Minsk).

Thus, this utterance, quoted out of context and accommodated into the daily routine, had to appear not obvious, but dramatic to the viewer.

Being Involved in a game (“Quest”), a viewer, who mainly anticipates to contemplate and enjoy, is confronted with the other form of interaction, with art, that disguises itself as reality and can be encountered anytime anywhere.

As a result of such interaction - the majority of people did actually perceive “road signs” as a sheer nonsense or just didn't notice them. Besides, after four months of exhibiting in a park with a constant flow of visitors the objects haven't been touched. Perhaps, a viewer saw a connotation of power signs in them and didn’t perceive them as art objects.

The text of the historian and researcher Claudia Sventitsky culture of  theatre  play  "Velipolya, Velipolya" Polish theater director Tadeusz Kantor.