By force of circumstances, I spent some time in Vienna. I lived there long enough to start perceiving the city not as an observer or a tourist. Looking at its the majesty, tranquility, and prosperity I began to doubt, I felt there was some trick.
I thought about its history, its residents who tragically changed the history of the world.
At the same time I did not let go of my skepticism about the idea of Sigmund Freud, a proponent of the theory "to explain everything and call it in question."
My internal conflict made me look for the corresponding image of the city. Freud long suffered from cancer of the lower jaw, and I thought of using it as a metaphor. The Lower Jaw Image can become an illustration of the crisis of mind, the material component of this very civilization that the city is part of.
It could be appropriate to the implement this idea in the form of a monumental sculpture on one of the main squares of Vienna. (like Charles Darwin for London)

It would not be fair not to mention another city, or rather a concept that I have become interested in. This concept is Moscow. Although this city would require a different monument. It makes no sense to comment on the ideas that I put into this work - they speak for themselves.