LOGOS   2016

It is what makes our life comfortable» project (by Konstantine Selikhanov) is about texts, important words and concepts.
It is about the widely spread biblical myth «In the beginning was the Word» which became a convenient ready-made recipe for life. Other people’s thoughts, words, titles and content are forming our understanding of reality. The artist suggests three «levels» of texts which are logos that ensure our comfort and are markers for the development of european civilization: first, citations from the authors of fundamental philosophical works which became unquestionable measures of truth (Friedrich Hegel, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Darwin). Second, texts and mass culture messages that work invariably faultlessly, and finally, logos proposed by the author. The latter do not conflict with commonly recognized truths but re-launch the semantic content thus transforming the form and content in an open construct ac-cessible to everyone. Selikhanov’s project is somewhat a medium conducting the message, and, at the same time, medium con-necting the word and its meaning. Art objects united by the installation make visible this connection between the text, form and content. The artist speaks by means of metaphors which in this case are visualizations logos.

Olga Rybchinskaya.