internal storage

by Konstantin Selikhanov
curator Olga Rybchinskaya

The context of the “Internal Storage” project is born at the intersection of “earlier-at the same time-later”. This is a non-historical understanding of the world, in which the present is not the border between the past and the future, and time does not necessarily strive forward unidirectionally. Here action is equal to reaction, and an event becomes important if we can determine whether it happened earlier or later in relation to another event. The exhibition itself was being prepared for implementation in 2019, some of the works were created in 2018-2019, and some were made espessially for this project. It all started with an attempt to understand the reasons, "why it is as it is, why the revolution happened... why in the XXth century it became possible to destroy humanity on an industrial scale...". The author expresses himself within the framework of his present, proceeding from ideas and narratives that serve as coordinates in his activity. Objects, installations, texts - chapters and sections of a voluminous dramatic production, from consequences to causes. This is the artist's monologue, his reaction to what is happening. This is a search for a path to the origins, simplicity and naturalness, where anonymous witnesses gain the ability to speak, good and evil are distinguishable, disobedience to norms and the need to defend what you believe in is undoubtedly and unconditionally. Where the "internal storage" is a metaphor for the victim's overflowing cup of patience, his crushing and resilience, resistance and still anonymity...

Text by Olga Rybchinskaya