EXIT 2019

The Exit project questions conventional truth about the existence of a “golden mean”. Our epoch witnesses the utopia coming to life. Our trust to the world is challenged. Social transparency causes ongoing exchange and turns everything into data. We find ourselves in the extreme point of the rocking pendulum. Perceiving the world as a stable system, we await deviations to stabilize. Our present is a swinging pendulum, however there exists a rest point, supposedly being the major aim of the pendulum movement. Or else, the extreme point of the swing becomes the basis of the new system. Disturbance and turbulence in the erratic state of flux create necessary conditions for the genesis of the new world – or new illusion. The project simulates the state of transition, serving as mis-en-scene for those being stuck in “between”, within the tissue of change. The global historical shifts are left behind, now we live through the consequence of total reconsideration. Living in the mode of revision forces us to go back to basics.
While we stay in the closed circuit, we feel that the time is aggressive and we feel it is being consumed. The Great history and its past-present-future linear toolkit are dissolved by the reminiscences of a victim, the “little man”. These global processes distort his individuality. He is impersonalized, turned into one of many alike, still trying to keep personal evidence. He becomes a figure that marks up the paradigm shift from soviet to post-soviet, from local to global, from historical to post-historical etc. His mistrust to the world escalates. The real objects lose their identity, replaced by the plausible fantasy. Human life gradually narrows to one dimension, blurring the line between truth and lie, good and evil. Unsupervised by history, the time arouses unrest, mistrust and simplification. This new power shapes anonymous figures, post-images, producing a “no-face” effect. Thus, the exhibition space of the Exit project is organized around five multimedia objects, each capturing certain moment with its state of mind. «It is an “inside the box” sensation, suspicious anxiety towards the outer world. We witness the times of the simplified individuals, willing to live the imposed illusionary life, a life seemingly less ordinary than their own. This project offers to speculate about the “morning after”, about overwhelming consequences, about the insight that never occurred.»

Olga Rybchinskaya