about drawings


Graphics for Selikhanov is a space of alien judgments and reproaches. This space of movement without frames, rules, traditions and restrictions is the space of freedom.
Printed graphics, the artist began to engage in the late 1990s. At first, an unintended, intuitive desire to translate sketches for sculptural objects into an independent form led to a serious and thorough search for a global universal sign, a model. So, the simplest two-part constructions become a projection of the Universal, the whole world, the personification of equilibrium. Then there are a series of images located on one sheet. The structure of the comic book, “stories with continuation” allows the author to contain all versions of the story in one picture, in other words “to tell from different points, speaking about the same thing”.
In the works of Konstantin Selikhanov, including his graphic works, the idea of ​​combining and direct comparison of heterogeneous approaches and forms began to dominate. Thus, the combination of figurativeness and abstraction, drawing and photography, images and words lead away from the image, understandable readable display of reality. The artist comes to a certain absolute designation, to the word as a comment, then to the word as a collection of signs - “moving further from visual to absolute, to a black dot on a white background ...”, conventionality and clarity of the image.

Olga Rybchinskaya